Myself and my merlin “Ender”

Hi there! I’m a zookeeper turned 3D artist.

I’ve always had a passion for both art and working with animals. Which you can easily see in my 2D art.

I’m currently employed with Special VFR Productions at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where I do 2D and 3D work as well as assisting the camera crew when we are filming.

Previously I was enrolled in the Digital Animation and Visual Effects (DAVE) School. I learned 3D digital modeling, rigging, animation, texturing and compositing. During my last 3 months at school I worked on a student film with my classmates, which is linked on my home page (The Dream Catcher).

I am a 2D wildlife and fantasy artist working mainly in acrylics, and I am a new participant in the yearly duck stamp competitions. I am a hobby novelist and a falconer.

I have experience working with reptiles and amphibians, namely snakes and alligators. I have some base experience in working with aquatics and life support systems.

I bring a positive attitude to work and am both hard working and dedicated to getting my work done on time. I strive to meet any deadline I am given, and can meet the project requirements within that deadline. I make a point of being on time and ready to work.

I am currently open for 2D art commissions.


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