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• Modo
• Maya
• Zbrush
• Photoshop
• Mari
• Nuke
• PFTrack
• AfterEffects
• Premier
• Mocha
• Illustrator
• Element 3D




Lindsay Wheeler

3D Modeler | 3D Generalist


Flight Media 3D Specialist • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University • June 2016 – Present

Production of required 3D assets for various projects including videos that assist students with flight training.

Special VFR Demo:

Winner of the Bronze Telly Award for Educational Videos 2018


Certificate • March 2016 • The Digital Animation and visual effects school

Certification in Digital Animation and VFX – Complete

-Courses: Modeling, animation, compositing, production.

B.S. Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies • December 2012 • Auburn university

Concentrations in Zoology and Psychology-Animal Behavior.

Associates • August 2010 • Seminole State


The Dream Catcher January 2016 – March 2016

EMMY award winning short film

Visual Effects Artist

Hard surface modeling, rigs, and textures for assigned props. Object tracking and compositing for assigned shots.


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